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Seo WordPress Theme – Thesis

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

If you’re in the middle of choosing the best Premium WordPress Theme for your blog, Thesis Wodpress Theme is the answer. I am using Thesis on my blog,, and boy it feels and looks great. Other big names in the Blogosphere like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel and Brian Clark are also using it.

Part of the reason why Thesis is a kick ass WordPress theme is because it’s created by the best WordPress Theme Designer. Chris Pearson’s experience as a web developer and extensive knowledge of SEO + CSS + PHP + HTML guarantee that Thesis is the only WordPress Theme you’ll ever need.

Why Thesis WordPress Theme?

Good question! That’s the same question I’ve asked myself before I finally decided to use Thesis on my blog. There are tons of reasons why you should use Thesis but here are some for your consideration.


If you’re new to blogging and you totally suck at SEO, CSS, PHP and HTML, Thesis is for you. Chris Pearson created Thesis with the users in mind. That’s why he did all the job to let you “DO MORE, CODE LESS”. After all, bloggers’ least worry should be the design of their blogs.

Take a look at my blog, I did all the customization myself… the design and everything and let me tell you that I barely know CSS, PHP and HTML. That’s because Thesis is easy to customize. In fact, 90% of all your customization needs can be done through Thesis Options and Thesis Design. All you have to do is click and save. Thesis also has its own Support Forum where you can find solutions to all possible problems you might encounter.

Well, if you’re a professional blogger, Thesis is still for you. Thesis has unparalleled SEO, CSS+PHP+HTML optimized and inspiring typography. What else would a professional blogger need from a WordPress theme?


Just wanted to let you know that The Bygone Bureau is a finalist for this year’s SXSW Web Awards in the Blog category. People started paying attention to our publication once we switched to Thesis last fall, and I think we owe much of our success to your design work.- Kevin from The Bygone Bureau

…. Thesis is the best out of the box solution I’ve seen in regards to a blog theme. Easy to use, pretty damn customizable and when you see them say over and over on the Thesis sales page that the support is awesome, they ain’t lyin’. And all future upgrades/releases of the theme are free.- Sugarrae from her Thesis Theme Review

Thesis is incredible…. One week ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of paying money for a WordPress theme. Now, I’m seriously considering laying down $77 for the developer’s option.- Jordan from Elegant Digital

“Great, simple, effective SEO.” From my mate in Australia who’s a senior SEO guru for Yahoo, when he saw my site.- Mark McGuinness via email

The truth is, your personal attention to this and the Thesis theme in general is why I signed on. I know something good when I see it. Not only are your skills exemplary, but your heart’s in the right place. Please keep up the good work.- John Farr via email

Just want say you created a great theme! It’s very flexible, SEO-optimized and so simple to customize. Just 3 words: I love it! – FlepStudio via email

Just wanted to express my gratitude for Thesis…. and all the work that Chris et al. have done. I installed it this morning, followed instructions by the letter, and things went very smoothly. I had to familiarize myself with the hooks concept – it makes all the sense in the world! I like to tweak code here and there, and the hooks method as well as the whole Thesis framework/vision helps me do just that without having to get too engrossed in code! When I do have to know some code, the forum is absolutely the best place to go. I’ve been most appreciative for the support community…. So thanks for a great product and community.- Sister Julie Vieira, IHM from A Nun’s Life

Well I’m totally stoked with the latest release of Thesis and so glad I hitched my web aspirations to your talented little wagon; plus the support on the forum is superb.- Raquel from Growing Up Green

I really don’t see how any other wordpress premium theme designers can compete with you. I have been following your work since you started thesis as well as the other top wp theme designers, and the work you are doing is really 1,000 steps ahead of them.- Jake Summers

Thank you so much for your AWESOME THEME!! I have been trying to do it the “free way” for a while and I am blown away by how awesome this is.- Jamey from Miami City Diggs

Awesome! This is the best WordPress theme I have ever used. I believed in this theme so much I bought it. I was nervous at first after investing money into this theme, but today, the support and community have made that decision a worthwhile one. I can only hope more people buy into this great theme. This theme is worth every penny! – Nightfall from

What an adventure. I literally did not know a single thing about blogging or WordPress two months ago. I’ve lurked on here for awhile and picked up the coding knowledge I needed. Thanks for the (affordable!) design and amazing functionality.- Michael from ICM-Bot

Chris, I get complimented on my blog’s design at least several times a week. I am SO happy I bought this theme! It’s been the best. And I agree with the others, thank you so much for taking the time to add all these tutorials. I feel spoiled.- Toblerone from Simple Mom

Thanks for the info… works great, instructions are very clear which is great for someone like me who doesn’t know a lot of coding. Just learning as I go along. Great theme, so happy I purchased it! – Sasha from The Slavic Bazaar %u2026People have told me I was crazy to pay for a theme, but at every stop you make it worthwhile with updates such as this and the thesis forum which I have found extremely helpful. – Lee from The Blissful Pixel

Not only does your Thesis Theme rock, but I am shocked how much effort you are putting into providing tweaks and very detailed tutorials after the initial development and launch.- Casper from Conscious Bliss

I however am not a top-notch WordPress designer, but rather am learning the trade. So I value my time highly enough that paying Chris P. $87 (less during intro phase) is ridiculously inexpensive to me. And the fact that Chris P. spends time here and in the forums answering questions, ….. priceless! – Rees from Women’s Memoirs

You know, I’ve waded hip-deep into a lot of WordPress templates in the past 2 years, both for my own, and other people’s projects. Thesis was by far the easiest to work with, and with the best results. – Torideaux from MindTweaks

Everyone who sees it, loves the look. In fact, I got a small job out of it last week because the client believes I “Get it.” (his words).- Michael from The Editorial Engine

The thesis theme has been such a great investment. I am new to website design and wordpress, so I’m really glad I went with Thesis because of all the support. It’s been really easy to figure out how to customize things how I want, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on my site. – Eileen from Breathe

Hope Chris’s themes (both Thesis and his free themes) are much more well-crafted than the typical themes out there. It’s what’s on the inside (the code) in addition to what you can see (attention to details) that sets them apart. – Lisa from Hit Those Keys

There are not enough superlatives in the lexicon to describe this theme. It is SMOKIN’ HOT! – Jay from Phoenix Real Estate Search

Thank you for your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. I love the theme, and love that you continue to improve it. Thanks! – Bruce from Keener Living

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5 Factors Of Effective WordPress Themes

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

If you’re blogging on the WordPress platform, I’ll bet my entire life savings that the first thing you ever did was try to install a new WordPress theme. I’ll bet my future earnings that even today you’re still occasionally changing themes and wasting a lot of time doing minor modifications that when summed up merely distracts you from blogging itself.

Yet, it’s easy to understand why themes beg for so much attention. With the correct theme, you can accommodate all the nifty little widgets and codes, and may also mean better search engine rankings and tons of fresh traffic every day.

So what factors do you need to consider to make this whole theme-hunting business easier? Here are five important ones:

1) Theme Width and Columns

Typically, WordPress themes come in 2-column or 3-column formats, with widths ranging from 500 pixels to 960 pixels wide. If you’re blogging for non-profit purposes, a 2-column theme can look more compact and reader-friendly. Since you have less images of products or links to other sites to display, you can focus exclusively on the content without leading readers away from your site.

On the other hand, if you’re blogging for profit, you may want to consider a 3-column WordPress theme that will be able to accommodate your Google Adsense, Chitika and Text Link Ads codes comfortably without squeezing everything in the content area. 3-column themes allow room for expansion, but in the event that you’ve filled up all available space with ads, then it’s time you removed the non-performers and use only the advertising services that work for that particular blog.

2) Use of Images and Icons

A theme with images and icons can look good, but it rarely increases your web traffic or subscriber base. In fact, most “A-list” bloggers have plain vanilla themes with a simple logo on top. Reducing the amount of images also means faster loading time and less stress on your servers. This vital aspect of server load become apparent only if you have tens of thousands of visitors a day, but it’s worth designing for the future.

A image-laden theme also distracts readers from the content itself. This is the reason why blogs like Engadget and Tech Crunch use images intensively in the content areas to add value to a post, but the theme itself is simple and rather minimalist.

Ideally, a theme should allow you to use your own header image for stronger branding purposes, yet replace images and icons with links and text, or just not use them at all unless absolutely necessary.

3) Compatibility with Plugins

Another time-sucking activity is installing plugins that improve the functionality of your site. There’s a plugin out there for almost everything you want to do with your blog, but while most of them are free and easily obtainable, it’s not always easy to install the plugins and insert the codes into your WordPress theme.

If your theme is too complicated, it may be a headache to even insert that one line of code you need to make a plugin work. This is often the case with advanced AJAX-based WordPress themes that have too many files and heavy coding. I’ve always preferred a simpler themes that stick to the default WordPress theme as much as possible, so I can cut back on the learning curve and just get on with my life.

Remember that the purpose of your blog is to deliver timely, relevant content to your readers, Any theme that preserves or improves the reader experience is good, any theme that subtracts from the experience is bad.

4) Search Engine Optimization

A lot can be said about search engine optimization, but at the end of the day if you have content worth reading eventually you’ll get the rankings you deserve. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need SEO; it merely means that as far as optimization is concerned all you really need to do is to make sure:

(a) Your tags are formatted properly, with the name of the post first followed by the name of the blog – some themes can do this automatically without modification to the code or use of a plugin

(b) All your blog content titles use the H1 tag, with the main keywords used instead of non-descriptive text for better SEO relevance

(b) Your theme has clean source codes, and if possible all formatting is linked to an external CSS file which you can edit independently

5) Plug-And-Play Ease of Use

Can the theme be installed easily on an existing blog without having to move things around? Can the same theme be used and customized easily on your other blogs? These are some additional things you may want to consider when theme-shopping, especially if every minute of downtime on your blog may mean lost revenue.

While it’s hard to make comparisons due to the sheer amount of free and paid themes out there, it’s still a good idea to have a test blog site. Test any theme you plan on using, and make sure your test blog is also fitted with all the plugins and miscellaneous widgets used on your real blog. The last thing you want is for your readers start seeing weird error messages on your blog.

At the end of the day, a theme is just a theme. Instead of spending your time installing them, it may be wiser to outsource the task and focus more on your readers. Alternatively, you may also want to consider buying “plug-and-play” themes for a reasonable price. Dennis De’ Bernardy of has probably one of the best themes around, but if you’re short on cash there are certainly cheaper alternatives.

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What Makes a Premium WordPress Theme Premium?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

WordPress has become a hugely popular open source blogging and publishing platform. The abundance of free themes and plugins as well as its ease-of-use have contributed to the attraction and popularity for using WordPress. While there are some great free themes for WordPress, many only offer basic functionality and simplistic designs.

Since late 2007 however an increasing number of WordPress theme developers have been offering premium WordPress themes – themes which are offered for a fixed price. These premium WordPress themes are usually sold for between $50 to $250. Originally only a small number of talented and well-known WordPress theme designers created paid premium WordPress themes which were well designed, highly functional, top-quality themes that transformed a WordPress installation from a simple blog into a powerful content management system. However as the premium WordPress theme business concept spread, more and more WordPress theme designers have hopped on the bandwagon trying to cash on the new trend filling up their portfolio with premium (paid) wordpress themes.

However with greater variety and numbers of paid premium WordPress themes also comes varying levels of quality. So what specifically makes a premium WordPress theme premium? Some characteristics that should set a premium wordpress theme apart from a free theme are listed below:

Quality and Unique Design

Premium WordPress themes should be just that – Premium. They should look better and be of a much higher quality and unique design than compared to those available for free.


While all themes are different, in general premium WordPress themes should have more “Features” than their free counterparts. What that means depends on the theme in question. However some features may include: “Featured Posts” areas, Multiple layout options for the home page, drop down menus, multiple customs templates for pages, custom field options, print style sheets etc.

Customization Options and Fexibility

People want options, so Premium WordPress themes should be customisable. Buying a premium theme will set you apart from the crowd significantly, but since other people will still be using the same theme, premium themes should be able to be easily customized further, whether it be for the layout, colours, images, or all of the above.

Live Preview or Demo

There should be a live demo or preview of the theme so you can test it and check it out before buying. If there is no live preview or demo that should be a warning sign. You should ask why don’t they want you to test the theme first? All reputable premium theme sellers will have a live demo full of content for you to test. Explore the live demo thoroughly, testing all pages to see that the theme works properly and there are no errors or mistakes.

Full Support

If you’re buying a premium WordPress theme it should also come with a certain degree of support from the designer. The level of support can vary however and will range from personalised individual support from the designer, to the provision of forums or blog comment sections for asking questions and obtaining support from the designer and other people who have purchased the theme.

Supporting Documentation

Premium WordPress themes should come with an instruction manual or document. This should explain how to upload and install the theme and how to manage any of the options that are built into the theme.

Free Updates

WordPress is continually being updated and improved and a premium WordPress theme developer should be offering you free updates of the theme when required.

Well Coded and Error Free

There should be no coding errors, misspellings, X images, etc in a premium WordPress theme. The theme has cross browser compatible and been tested to work properly on all the major browsers, plus the theme should have clean and valid code and adhere to strict XHTML and CSS standards.

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Revive Your Blog With Custom WordPress Themes!

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Are you a dedicated blogger? Do you always browse the Internet in search of templates and premium WordPress themes? If you have answered affirmative to either of these questions, then we have some pretty interesting information for you. It involved custom WordPress themes and additional information on the subject. Enter the world of blogging with us!

WordPress has generally been defined as a smart system for those who want to publish their very own blogs. Written in PHP, WordPress is quite easy to use and highly functional. Millions of users have learned to rely on custom WordPress themes for their blogs and are now spreading the word to their friends. Premium WordPress themes represent some of the most popular searches on the web, especially as there are hundreds of websites presenting such templates as great prices. The important thing is that you are patient enough to find the very best.

You may be wondering what the difference between free and premium WordPress themes is. While you may not have to pay for those that are free, these cannot be compared so easily. Custom WordPress themes have a professional look and they are recognized for their top quality. The template is simply amazing and you can convince of the difference on your own, once you enter online and start searching. Two other very important features of a premium theme are represented by: the footer contains absolutely no links, plus the footer PHP file is not ciphered.

Premium WordPress themes are generally used for personal online blogs but you can also expect to find them used for business blogs. If you are interested in purchasing custom WordPress themes, then all you have to do is go to the website of your choice and click on a simple button. The most common method of payment is through PayPal. Online, you will encounter the greatest diversity of premium WordPress themes, with various elements of designs and motives. Those who are planning to start an artist’s blog are invited to use custom WordPress themes, especially those that are art-inspired. We are talking about a 3-column template, with bright shades of red and yellow.

You may have noticed that the number of party blogs has increased in the past few years. People and particularly youngsters are using the revolution in blogging to catch up with friends on partying. They use custom WordPress themes suitable for their needs, with funky designs and awesome colors. You can expect party blogs templates to come in darker shades, such as black and blue. Premium WordPress themes for party blogs can also come in simpler tones and designs, suitable for those who are beginners. It all depends on what you are looking for and what image you are trying to create.

If you are a girl creating a blog, then perhaps you might prefer custom WordPress themes with floral elements. What does red garden suggest to you? Well, you can expect a premium theme that comes with bright red colors and beautiful flowers. This is perfect for your personal blog. There are plenty of other choices out there, such as a pink evening or a windmill sunset in elegant shades of pink and grey. Discover premium WordPress themes today and prepare yourself to amaze all of your friends with your blogging!

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3 Ways to Personalize Your WordPress Theme

Friday, March 13th, 2009

One of the great things about WordPress is the number of themes that are available to change the look of your blog. There are both free and paid versions available. Changing themes is quite easy but…

Finding just the right theme to fit your blog can be frustrating. And that is putting it mildly.

You find one that you like just about everything but that one little thing.

It may be…

* the way it displays hyperlinks

* the size of the sidebar

* the header image

* or any of numerous other problems

Now short of hiring someone to create a custom theme exactly the way you would like it there are a few easy changes you can make to take the almost perfect theme and make it much more YOURS.

Here is how you can change three of the most common things to personalize your them and make it your own.

Before we start though ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a back up of your files. And I do mean always if you did not guess from the previous statement.

Change your header

In your theme folder you will find an img or images folder depending on which one the theme author used. Inside that folder will be an image called header.jpg or header.gif. You can easily grab a copy of that image and check to see exactly what size it is.

Either create a new image the same size your self or hire a graphic designer to create one for you if you lack the skills. Name this new file the same as the original one and replace the original one. You now have a personalized header.

Hyperlink colors

Just the other day a friend of mine had found the perfect theme for his blog but the hyperlinks were not the standard blue and underlined but they were just black and bold.

He loved the theme except for that and had spent hours finding just the right look. This problem was easily solved by making a minor change in the css (cascading style sheet) file of his theme.

WordPress themes are run using style sheets and you can change the attributes quite easily. In this case it was the hyperlinks so you needed to look on the style sheet for the “a link” attributes.

It will look something like this

a {

color: #000000;

text-decoration: none;


Just change the color to the appropriate hexadecimal code in this case #0000ff and then the attribute from none to underline and you have a “standard” hyperlink.

Changing sidebar size

This takes two changes and they have to be the same amount of change. If your sidebar is a bit narrow say 120 pixels and you want to use 125×125 buttons you will have to change the sidebar width and reduce the body width by the same amount.

Here are the two entries

#sidebar {

position: relative;

float: right;

width: 237px;

#content {

float: left;

width: 676px;

You need to subtract from one what you add to the other but this will allow you to customize the size of a sidebar if that is the feature that you don’t like.

WordPress themes can be easily customized to your needs so if you find most of the features you want try your hand at customizing them. Just make sure to have a backup before you start.

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